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Concept Legal is a well established Indian law firm and the main practicing Attorneys of the law firm have diversified and quality legal practice experience having dealt with complex legal issues primarily in the area of Intellectual Property, IT compliance and Real Estate matters.

The law firm believes that the Indian Legal System is highly complex, yet there are some extremely simple solutions. Most of the Indian law firm fails to recognize this aspect of practice -- Make it simple! Make it simple! Though some of the legal issues are extremely easy to solve and can be settle through negotiations, it seems some Attorneys, law firms and Legal Consultants have developed interest in prolonging and complicating the legal matters. Concept Legal believes in power of explanation and transparency in tackling legal matters! It is a win-win situation for all stakeholders-including clients, attorneys, opposition, law firms, consultants, advocates, judges, arbitrators.

ConceptLegal has all legal expertise and cultural knowledge to help its clients realize this Indian potential. Our Attorneys have deep knowledge about business in India, we suggest simple enforceable contracts and simple legal due diligence at the time of business engagement. Engaging early with law firm protects our client's long term business and legal interest in India.

ConceptLegal also believes that one of the hurdles in India growth story is the Indian bureaucracy - red tape. We are proud to be among the top law firms in India, providing extensive Government relations strategy. The law firm's approach of Influencing the influencers is very beneficial from several big Indian Companies is counted among the top Indian Law Firms to use Right to Information Act to challenge several Indian Government notifications in High Court and Supreme Court of India.

Due diligence for rented property

Due Diligence for tenats is the screening program before renting your home to any person in Delhi NCR by concept legal international. We at conceptlegal internationa a law firm located in Delhi accepts best screening practices to renting of Indian realty space, this allows our clients to reduce risk associated with real estate renting in Delhi. Landlords, Leading Property Dealers and Real Estate Consulting Firms choose our service of due diligence for tenats services across India. You can ask us for types of realty screening services i.e. Due diligence for commercial plots n offices, Due diligence for flats and residential houses, Due diligence for plots n farm houses, Due diligence for property to be purchased, Due diligence for rented property, Legal opinion on bank mortgage, Legal opinion on Mortgaged properties, Legal search report of property, Title search report of properties . When we focus on tenant due diligence, our aim will be to give an accurate assessment of the tenant’s background to our clients who hired for for due diligence for rented property. All screening is authorized and is carried out in a strictly legal, overt and ethical manner.

Registration of Lease Deed / Lease Agreement

A Lease Deed or Rent agreement is a contract between the lessee i.e. tenant and the lessor i.e. landlord for periodic rent for the use house/flat/appartment or shop. The rent agreement or lease deed is generally reduced in writing when owner of the property agrees to gives his property on rent to a tenant. A rent agreement or lease deed may be made in respect of a Shop, Office, Flat, Apartment, Builder Floor, Bungalow, Unit in a Commercial Tower or Mall, Industrial Site, farm houses, agricultural lands etc. The steps involved in the Registration of Rent Agrrement or Lease deed are as follows:

  • The Lease Deed is drafted / prepared by a legal expert.
  • Stamp Paper is purchased for the execution as per the Stamp duty levied.
  • Date is fixed for the registration in the Sub Registrar office of respective districts of states.
  • The Government registration fee is paid.
  • Both the parties and 2 witnesses visit the sub registrar office on the fixed day for the registration of Lease Deed.
  • Registered Lease / Rent Deed is collected after a week of regaitrsation.

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