The Firm has considerable experience in matters pertaining to Intellectual Property rights and provides the services which include:

Real Estate Practice

  1. Due diligence reporting (DDR)
  2. Title search report (TSR)

Due Diligence Reporting (DDR)

The Firm is involved in Due Diligence Reporting of various properties including Bank Branches, Showrooms, Offices, Institutional Properties, Educational Campus etc etc for its esteemed clients which involves going into the depth of the Title, User, Structure and through search of each and every aspects of the Municipal Corporation/ Concerned Authority.

Title Search Report (TSR)

The Firm is also involved in conducting Title Search Report of the Commercial Properties such as ATMs, Medical Outlets, Telecom Outlets, and Eating Joints etc. At such instances, the Firm takes special pain in highlighting each and every aspect of the "Flow of the Title", thereby giving great sign of relief to its Clients in case of establishing the correct and true Ownership of the property.

IT Compliance

Presently, the Indian Information Technology Laws can be complied with through various policies appropriately drafted as per the operations and needs of the body corporate. The Policies required to e-secure an organization are Information and Communication Technology Policy, Privacy Policy, Cyber Law Policy, E-Security Policy, Software Usage Policy, E-Mail Policy, Cyber Insurance Policy, E-Writing Policy, E-Crisis Communications Policy and Internet Usage Policy.

Achieving E-Security through documented policies

The Policies required to e-secure an organization are listed below:

  1. Information and Communication Technology Policy - A policy to govern the ICT structure of a company by providing the acceptable standards of IT usage or related services.
  2. Privacy Policy - A policy to govern the collection, usage, handling, processing and disclosure of personal information / data of a customer. It is like reconciling privacy expectations with privacy rights.
  3. Cyber Law Policy - A policy to seek compliance with the cyber laws for the time being in force in the Union of India such as the Information Technology Act, various 'Rules' and clarifications.
  4. E-Security Policy - A policy to ensure that the basic computer security [e-security] perimeters are well in place. Perimeters like firewalls with secure passwords, correct maintenance of routers, encryption, etc.
  5. Software Usage Policy - A policy to counter Soft-lifting, Counterfeiting, Renting, Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) unbundling, Uploading and downloading, Hard disk loading, etc with respect to software.
  6. Internet Usage Policy - A policy to keep employees in line while they are online by banning inappropriate sites, prohibit the wasting of computer resources, enforce language guidelines, keep web copy clean and using various other measures to secure internet usage.
  7. E-Mail Policy - A policy clarifying contentious points like E-Mail retention and deletion and rules to work by.
  8. Cyber Insurance Policy - A policy to govern cyber insurance to help limit employment practices liability, limit E-mail risks, insure against Copyright & Trademark Infringement, Patent Infringement, protect your computer assets and guard against E-Theft, to name a few.
  9. E-Writing Policy - A policy formulated for safe and secure electronic writing understanding the employees' electronic writing concerns, managerial writing and assessing / addressing employees' electronic writing needs.
  10. E-Crisis Communications Policy - An e-crisis management policy is document prepared on the lines of the long established formula 'hoping for the best, preparing for the worst'. The policy lays down guidelines for assessing the potential for electronic crises and the methodology to handle the crisis.

Litigation and trial practice

The Firms litigation practice includes appearances before various judicial and quasi-judicial authorities and tribunals, including the Supreme Court of India and High Courts and District Courts of Various States, Company Law Board, Consumer Protection Forum, Labour Commissioner and Conciliation Officer and others.

The emergence of Consumer society with dictum "buy now pay later" has also opened floodgates of litigation pertaining to recovery of unpaid debts. The firm has a dedicated wing headed by a partner for handling and filing the criminal complaints, appointment of arbitrator, civil recovery matters, proceedings u/s138 of the Negotiable Act, general recovery cases, summary suits u/o XXXVII CPC, Complaint U/s156 (3) Cr PC, handling matter pertaining to Economic Offences and also appearing before Debt Recovery Tribunal. The Firm has experience in handling Medico Legal matters and medical cases related to leading Hospitals.

The Firm is also involved in litigation under various corporate laws regarding the structure and control of companies, Merger, Amalgamation, Take-over, De-merger, Acquisition, Technology Transfer, Winding up of companies, Regulatory issues and disputes amongst joint venture partners. The use of experienced chartered accountants gives the Firm a unique edge in these matters. The Firm has handled these matters in various High Courts in India and the Supreme Court.

Trademarks, Copyright and Industrial Designs

  1. Search, strategizing and registration
  2. Filing applications, renewals and restoration of registrations
  3. Watch services and advising on proactive measures
  4. Filing of Oppositions and rectifications of conflicting trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs.
  5. Record of assignments and licensed / permitted users etc.
  6. Negotiation and execution of agreements
  7. Investigation of counterfeit products and advising on enforcement actions.


  1. Patent search, Freedom to operate and pre-infringement analysis.
  2. Drafting of patent specifications in technical disciplines and patent filling.
  3. Handling prosecution with Indian Patent office, PCT and other countries.
  4. Initiating or defending pre-grant or post-grant opposition proceedings.
  5. Initiating or defending patent cancellation/revocation proceedings.
  6. Attending to appeals before Intellectual Property Appellate Board.
  7. Patent landscaping.
  8. Handling patent infringement proceedings before court

Ip Enforcement

  1. Strategizing IP protection and enforcement
  2. Processing civil and criminal IP enforcement actions, securing injunctive relieves, seizure of infringing and counterfeit goods, claim for compensatory and punitive damages etc.
  3. Initiating proceedings with Customs under Border Measures Regulations to prevent infringing and unlawful import and export
  4. Conducting investigation against general as well as targeted infringers through out all jurisdictions in India.
  5. Instituting Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution (UDRP) against cyber squatters and domain name disputes in all jurisdictions.
  6. Securing IP enforcement by issuance of cease and desist notice and ensuring legal compliances against IP violations, (handled a large licensing compliance campaign for a leading software corporation


ConceptLegal offers a complete gamut of Investigation Services which are listed below-

  1. Streamlined Investigations
  2. In-depth Investigations
  3. Trademark Investigations
  4. Cyber Investigations
  5. Market Sweeps / Market Intelligence
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Surveillance
  8. Domain name infringements
  9. Anti-Counterfeiting Campaigns
  10. Brand Protection Campaigns
  11. Import-Export database search

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