Indian judicial system is part of the inheritance, which is 200 years old. Received from the English legal system. Instead of adopting the features of the Federal system, the Indian constitution has provided single integrated system of courts to Union and states laws. This system is adversarial system. Its difficult for a layman to understand the working of this system. For this we have expert or professional who are lawyers. Who study, practice law and provide legal services to layman.

Law firm is a group of lawyers that work together under the specific firm name. The basic content of it success is the continues quality work , performed by well prepared lawyers and their dedication toward their work, development , maintaining good relationship with client by providing them good legal services and quality work. They are focused and responsible which makes their relationship long lasting with their clients. The three important features of a good law firm are:

1. They work as advisory body: Every time it’s not necessary that an aggrieved person or party to any dispute needs the legal services and legal advice. Person who is planning to buy any kind of property or planning to start business can seek legal advice. Because all these work contain lots of paper work partly this is related to law of land or specific rule and regulations.

With all this which is mentioned above, a person or firm or company can seek advice from a law firm in matters related to, financial disputes, making agreements, Business and commercial law, consumer bankruptcy and insolvency, property settlement, wills, estate planning , contract drafting and disputes.

A law firm may only focus on certain kinds of laws only or they may deal with a variety of laws.

2. Helping hand to corporate: Law firm works for individuals as well as for the companies. In current global scenario when the business is globalized, MNC’s are spread all over the world. Every time it’s not possible for the companies who are of foreign origin to set up legal department for few legal work types, everywhere, where company is situated. To do those legal works they hire the top law firm of that specific place to fulfill their requirement. These law firms are expertise in that specific work type or related legal issue. This is less expensive practice for companies which save their time, money and provides high quality results in said time.

3. Helps to understand the type of Litigation: The Indian judicial system is a mixture of the courts, forums, tribunals & regulators & other law bodies. To make sure that client must get, fair, just and equitable justice. To do so, law firm came into limelight to provide all the services to their client. They do all the research work with all other things like documentation, interviewing client and witnesses ,etc.Law firm provides all the necessary legal services to the client which saves him from unnecessary trouble and worries. They try to understand the basic requirement of their client according to their case and give them advice accordingly.

4. Provide quick and cost efficient advice to client: The good law firms are loyal toward their clients. They try to provide the emotional support and they are concerned about things they need. They show their client the real view or picture of their case instead of taking them to dream land, because their purpose is to serve their client with quick and cost effective results. They work on the rule that, “the client always comes first”. As we know that there is large pendency in courts, law firm provide services to their clients to get justice in time, without wastage of money by giving them right advice to file their case in front of right forum or tribunal or court under specific law.

Thus, when an aggrieved person or a person seeking the legal advice from a law firm, he must keep few things in mind before choosing a law firm. He must do online and offline research about the law firm, whom he wants to choose for his case or from whom he wants to take legal advice. He must check that law firm has expertise in that kind of cases, with specific features and its goodwill among the fellow firms, which makes a law firm different from others.

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